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Company Name: Shehzad Enterprises

Shehzad Enterprises have sister concern named ‘ SHEHZAD TOWEL MANUFACTUING’ and both are divided on the basis of Specialized labor, Staff & Target Market.

Shehzad Enterprises, specializes in Manufacturing of High End Institutional Products ranging from Jacquard Logo Towels, Plain Towels, Embroidered Towels, Bathrobes , Sleepers, Gowns, Bedsheets , Quilt Covers, Mattress Protectors. With complete Weaving Unit , Bleaching House and the Stitching & Finishing Unit, we are self sufficient to produce reliable products efficiently and effectively.

SHEHZAD TOWEL MANUFACTURING , caters to Home Textile market across the globe. Product ranges from Dyed Towels, Jacquard Yarn Dyed Towels, Dyed Bathrobes, Kitchen Towels, Kitchen Aprons , Round Towels, Shop Towels and all related Toweling products. With Vertically integrated production unit, we have set our own quality standards and are applauded among our customers.

Our retention power : From 10 Years we have not lose any of our customer, however we added 38 customers which makes 54 satisfied customers portfolio.

Spain , Italy, Germany, Greece, Bosnia & Herzegovina, U.A.E, Saudi Arabia  and Albania are the major exporting countries. Our next focus is towards South & North American Market along with Australia and New Zealand.

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  • Terry Towels


    Terry Towels
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  • Terry Beach Towels


    Terry Beach Towels
  • Terry Towels


    Terry Towels
  • 20D Vertical Stripe Towel


    20D Vertical Stripe Towel
  • Institutional Terry Towel


    Institutional Terry Towel
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  • Power Looms Jacquard


    Power Looms Jacquard
  • Power Looms Plain


    Power Looms Plain
  • Shuttleless Plain Looms


    Shuttleless Plain Looms
  • Weaving


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