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Company Name: Bari Textile Mills (Pvt) Ltd

Bari Mills is a leading, home textiles company, that stands with a cut above the rest in Pakistan as well as internationally. We export bath products to leading retailers, hospitality and healthcare industries across the world, primarily to the USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe. Our Vision To provide quality products that exceed the expectations of our esteemed customers, in terms of value, quality and service as well as fulfilling our responsibilities towards being corporate citizen. Our Mission Our endeavor remains continuous to adopt to customers’ requirements, provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology so as to further grow our business, to make new partners – new relationships.

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  • Bath Towel


    Bath Towel
  • Hair Wrap Towel


    Hair Wrap Towel
  • Jacquard Towel


    Jacquard Towel
  • Kitchen Towel


    Kitchen Towel
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  • Kitchen Linen


    Kitchen Linen
  • Bathrobes Terry


    Bathrobes Terry
  • Terry Wash Cloths


    Terry Wash Cloths
  • Kitchen Towel


    Kitchen Towel
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  • Brushing


  • Automatic Cutting and Length Hemming


    Automatic Cutting and Length Hemming
  • Cutting


  • Print / Lamination Finish Machines


    Print / Lamination Finish Machines
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  • Water jet loom


    Water jet loom


  • WInding- Cone Winder Machine


    WInding- Cone Winder Machine
  • Bamboo Yarn


    Bamboo Yarn
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Contact Information

Name: Athar Bari Bari

Address: 29/A Block 2 PECHS Shahara-e-Quaideen


Profile URL:

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